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Ensure your concrete patio or driveway looks its best by working with the experts at Best Coatings, LLC. We specialize in providing solutions for concrete resurfacing in Jacksonville, FL, and will help make your concrete surface look as good as new.


Our skilled and experienced team has the tools and resources needed to refurbish and repair any concrete around your home, from your patio and pool deck to your driveway and garage floor. When resurfacing a concrete driveway, our team will always apply a high-quality coating to help protect your surface while also adding new colors or patterns to your driveway. To learn more about the services we have to offer or to schedule our team for patio and pool deck repairs, reach out to our office.

Adding a New Floor to Your Garage

In addition to providing driveway resurfacing and seal coating, our team will also install epoxy flooring for your garage. This coating helps to add a beautiful new look to your garage floor while also providing a protective layer to your concrete. This way, your garage floor will look stunning and last for many years, even with daily use. 

Once you have your garage floor looking fantastic, it is time to check for other projects around the home that could also use an upgrade. You can rely on Best Coatings, LLC for pool deck repair. In that way, when you are relaxing poolside, you are genuinely stress-free and not bothered by imperfections in the deck surface that keep drawing your attention. It is a simple task for our team to touch up the section in question or add a new cover to the entire pool area. Not only is it suitable for aesthetic reasons to upgrade the deck, but it is also a brilliant idea from a safety standpoint. You don’t want any tripping hazards or uneven areas around the swimming pool.

You know the quality of the work will be beyond compare, and the durability of the materials we use will match. Our epoxy garage floor coatings can stand up to the kind of abuse that is often seen in workshops and garages, so you know that our layers are certainly tough enough for your backyard oasis to look attractive.


When you decide to renew your pool deck and breathe new life into your property, or the garage floor has seen better days and would be great with metallic epoxy flooring, give us a call.

Pool Deck Repair in Jacksonville, FL
Concrete Resurfacing in Jacksonville, FL

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Driveway Resurfacing in Jacksonville, FL

Acrylic Decking

  • Duration Varies(Depending on pattern, weather, and Condition of Concrete )
  • Patterns Start at $3.00/sq. ft. For Tile, Stone, Slate Brick & Others and Can Range from $3.00-7.50/sq. ft.
  • Acrylic Polymer Product that is Versatile
  • Goes Around Pools, Patios, Lanais, & Sidewalks
  • Strong Enough to Hold up to Vehicle Traffic on Driveways
  • Attractive & Affordable
Epoxy Garage Floor Coating in Jacksonville, FL

Garage Coatings/Metallic Epoxy & Broadcast Epoxy

  • $3.50-$7.50/sq. ft.
  • This Coating Includes Diamond Profiling of the Surface, Epoxy Coating, Color Flecks, & Clear Seal 
Metallic Epoxy Flooring Service in Jacksonville FL

Concrete Dyes & Clear Sealer

  • Price May Vary Depending on Condition of Concrete
  • Diamond Profiling of the Surface & Two Coats of Clear Sealer

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